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April 15 2012

...killing off the groups.

January 14 2012

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Charles Bukowski
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September 15 2011

???? "wrong" what on here is wrong exactly?

September 14 2011

can't keep me banned forever...
2 new tumblrs....

September 07 2011

well.. that has to be a record.

no more tumblr ...  ban back in place.


August 29 2011

Mood Bath

my tumblr. they lifted my ban. :D
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August 24 2011

borgore - love

August 19 2011

Borgore - Nympho
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August 18 2011

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August 15 2011

August 14 2011

look to the left and right of Poland.  funny shit. :D

August 13 2011

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